Providing complete support from the ground up

Jetcrete can provide complete support at every stage of your project. Our extensive experience and capabilities enable us to offer a wide array of services in concrete manufacturing, delivery, underground shotcreting, remote shaft lining, cable bolting, resin injection, laser scanning and civil construction.



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Concrete manufacturing

Jetcrete has been at the forefront of concrete manufacturing since 2003.

We own 16 batch plants, enabling mining sites to access 24-hour concrete, CAF and shotcrete manufacturing. This means increased production, reduced costs and better quality assurance on the manufacturing and delivery process.

Our active involvement with major suppliers helps us develop specialised mixes onsite, to meet the requirements of the soft and hard rock mines.


We can support any site, including remote and hard-to-reach sites. The concrete can either be transferred into a low-profile transmixer or delivered by an underground-approved ‘road-going’ concrete truck. Our fleet of 95 trucks enables us to service a nationwide network of locations.


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Jetcrete is the largest shotcrete provider in Australia, delivering underground shotcrete and fibrecrete ground support for both development and rehabilitation of underground mines since 1992.
We have developed several major advances in shotcrete technology, in collaboration with key industry suppliers, to complete difficult shotcreting tasks efficiently and safely.

These developments include:

Robotic shotcrete units: Up until 30 years ago, shotcrete was applied by hand only. In 1993, it was documented that Jetcrete had attached a shotcrete system to a drilling jumbo rig enabling a ‘remote control’ shotcrete application to undertake overhead shotcrete work safely – the first robotic arm shotcrete application.

Hydroscaling: To improve mining development in-cycle efficiency, hydroscaling removed the need for a jumbo rig for scaling. Jetcrete and Byrnecut introduced this process in the early 2000s, and it’s become an integral part of any efficient mining cycle.

3D laser scanners: These improve QAQC thickness verification without the need for additional resources.

Members of our specialised team undergo rigorous training for 8 to 12 months in concrete batch manufacturing and delivery driving before they are able to become shotcrete operators. This enables them to be across every aspect of the job when they are onsite.

Our unparalleled expertise in shotcreting enables us to apply services to range of applications:

Underground: Underground mine tunnels, portals and shafts.

Above-ground: Drains, high walls, bulkheads and vent walls.

Ready Jet® Drum Blasting

The latest addition to Jetcrete’s extensive ground support service offering, the remote-controlled, high-pressure cleaning system is designed to remove dead, hardened concrete from Agitator drums in a safer and more efficient method. 

The Ready Jet® eliminates the need for workers to enter the concrete mixer drum, where they are exposed to confined spaces, loud noise, falling debris and respiratory dangers. Cleaning can now be safely controlled from outside of the drum using a remote control, resulting in significantly reduced health and safety hazards.

Not only is this method a safer way of high-pressure cleaning, the time taken to clean the drum is also reduced by up to 75%. What would typically take three shifts for two workers to clean using a jackhammer and manual handling, can now be executed by one person in an average time of 2-3 hours. Clean, potable water completely removes residue and polishes the surface, resulting in less build-up, reduced machine downtime and a larger storage capacity.

The Ready Jet® eliminates:

  • The need for workers to conduct high risk jack hammering and manual handling tasks
  • Working in confined conditions
  • Exposure to airborne contaminants
  • Heat exposure
  • High pressure air hoses in working area
  • The need for compressed air and gas monitoring
  • Vibration injuries
  • Risk of falling debris onto operators.




Remote shaft lining

Over the past two decades, Jetcrete has developed a tele-remote system that has eliminated the need for personnel to enter the shaft during the entire process.

We were the first company to introduce an EX d – Group I compliant shaft liner, enabling us to operate in Zone 1 hazardous environments safely. We are compliant with AS/NZS 4871 standards for electrical equipment for mines and quarries.

A remote shotcrete application can work in vertical shafts from 1m to 6m in diameter and up to a maximum depth of 400m.

The accurate depth measurement device on the remote application measures and records the shaft diameter and depth. A cover of the area is scanned and detected, giving a precise lining thickness of the shaft.

Up to 0m

shaft diameter

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shaft depth

Cable bolting

Jetcrete has recently expanded its scope of services, including by offering cable bolting. With a growing number of projects, Jetcrete is currently the largest Sandvik cable bolter operator in Australia, operating over 12 cable bolting units.



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Laser scanning

We use the latest laser scanning technology to measure application thickness of the shotcrete at the site. This means we can accurately detect safety concerns, and use only the necessary amount of concrete to support the ground, improving safety and efficiency.


Resin injection

Resin injections is an alternative active rock support system for underground mining. It provides additional support for encapsulation of TG cable bolts and ground consolidation.

The benefits of resin injection include:

  • stabilisation of rock, coal, sand, gravel and concrete
  • stabilisation of caved material
  • stabilisation of rock convergence
  • stopping water ingress
  • primary and secondary support injection of any cable bolt
  • anchoring and securing.

As Australia's leading ground support specialist to the mining industry, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with

Complete support from the ground up